Snow Dog Quilt Works

Snow Dog Quilt Works

Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Motion Quilting Link Up!

I'm super excited to link up for the very first time with "The Free Motion Quilting Project"!  

A few items to get me started on this year's quilting project! 

One of my quilty goals this year was to gain more confidence with my machine quilting.  I have always either tied or hand quilted my quilts. Machine quilting looked so scary and I always thought I had to have a huge long arm machine to actually do a great job! Boy was I wrong!! Thanks to Leah, her wonderful site and her classes, machine quilting has become extremely fun and exciting for me!  

Here's to another great year of Quilting! ~ Happy Quilting! 

New Year and Mystery Quilt Revealed!

Happy New Year!   

A nice quiet New Years Eve, watching movies and staying warm :-) Miss Jasmine enjoyed herself after a day of play in the snow.

I have also been working on my version of the Celtic Mystery Quilt  and was pretty excited to see the layout coming together.  At first I wasn't too sure on my color choices as I set the blocks up on my design wall.

 I took a step back and started to piece the blocks together to see if I could find some good points in my color choices :-) So far so good, It's not my normal color range but I'm thinking the colors may work together after all.... I'm beginning to see the inner blue circle, that was my main goal :-)

Once it's quilted, it will be loved and enjoyed..... No worries on color. 

Hope everyone is staying warm in New England, it is currently 3 degrees right now and blowing snow..... Burr.....  ~Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow and Mystery Progress

Wow, a couple winter storms and some quilting makes for a great week! :-)  My progress is a little slow on the Celtic Mystery from Quiltville but steady! Still working on part 2 and looking forward to the pinwheels in part 3.  I love seeing all of the variety in colors on the Quiltville link up site, so fun to see how every one participating; is coming along during this busy time of the year.

Part 2 Mini Chevrons- marking and piecing

It's hard to believe Christmas is only a few days away.  Too make it extra special this year, I believe we are having a very white Christmas! The pups are excited to see all of the snow and the boys can't wait to get out of school in a couple of days for their Holiday vacation. Lot's of fun stuff!  ~ Happy Quilting!

Miss Timber enjoying the snow before we shovel off the deck! I think most of the snow is on her :-) 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Part 2 Celtic Mystery....

Part 2 of the Celtic Mystery is in full force over at Quiltville!  Lot's of fun to link up and see all of the wonderful blocks everyone is sharing so far.  I'm almost finished with Part 1,  but I had to jump right into Part 2 :-) here is my progress so far...

A little furry friend helping me this morning

Ready to start adding my sewing lines (furry friend didn't want to stay for this part) :-) 

Looked behind me and my other furry little friend was all comfy in the bean bag.  Looks nice and warm! 

Second square and more lines... it's beginning to look like a block now :-) 

Fun!! It's such a cute little Chevron Block :-)
 Off to work on more Chevrons and I even might finish up Part 1 today. 

 Thanks for visiting on this very stormy day in New Hampshire! :-) 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Mystery Quilt

I'm so excited to be apart of Bonnie's new Mystery over at Quiltville!  This year's mystery is called Celtic Solstice. So far so good on part one.....

First triangles ready to be cut! 

Sides ready to be cut! Here we go... :-) So fun!

Had some helpers while I was piecing :-) So cute! 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Love...

That time of year again for decorating and enjoying the holidays with family....

Lego Creations made by my son's

Puppy resting by the tree 

My DH's wooden ornaments, hanging to be enjoyed!

Happy Holidays! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hexagon Love...

My flower garden quilt is growing fast, and it was actually time to make more petals.  I have been enjoying hand piecing these tiny flower petals,  while I'm watching TV at night with the family! I can't seem to sit still and not have my fingers moving!!! :-)

I'm not exactly sure how big I'm going to make this quilt but it will be my - go to - quilt for the next year or two while watching TV!

On to the next quilt......

A few weeks ago, I had grand plans of making a new tree skirt for my Quilt Room's Christmas tree.  All was great until this past weekend.  I had the star pieced for the middle, the borders were coming together and then wham my heart kept telling me something was missing......

It didn't want to be just a tree skirt, it wanted to be a quilt!!! So off to the cutting table I went on Saturday and started cutting some 1.25 inch strips by 4 inches to piece together for a keyboard effect on all sides.  I may continue with more pieced blocks around each edge, until It becomes a full grown quilt :-)   Oh the possibilities.....   Plus it's a great way to use up my holiday fabrics that have been wanting to come off the shelf to play!  

Off to the quilt room, have a great day everyone!